About Kaiser Sealant & Caulking Inc.

About Kaiser Sealant & Caulking Inc.

Kaiser Sealant & Caulking Inc started in business with one simple idea on mind: "We do it right or we don't do it" by providing the best quality to our clients, something that unfortunately cannot be found so easily.

That is why we have grown so fast in the past 2 years and among our clients are the biggest General Contractors nationwide, Condominium Property Management and Residential builders and owners.

This fast grow has allowed us to expand our services to all Ontario and now we are opening in Winnipeg and Newfoundland and Labrador very soon.

At Kaiser's we understand that it is very important to maintain the highest quality levels, that's why our 16 members crew staff are trained to exceed all Architectural Sealant Joint standards.

Our commitment does not stop there, we are members of the Construction Safety Association of Ontario and our staff is well trained to assure that safety exceeds all CSAO Standards.

All of our products are high-end quality from Dow Corning, Tremco, Sika, Sonneborn and Hilti, most of them with a 5 years limited warranty on the product.

We are the ONLY caulking company that provides a 3 Years warranty to residential owners. Just something to give you peace of mind and to assure you that we stand behind our work.

Kaiser Sealant & Caulking Inc.
Doing things right!